Yet another octave GUI

Yaog is an integrated development environment for octave.

UPDATE Development on yaog has ended. The code nolonger compiles on a recent linux distro. You can get it to compile with a trivial change, but then there is severe run-time issues. Search for an other IDE for Octave. QtOctave looks promising.

I leave rest of the stuff here for reference.


Yaog is meant to make the use of octave easier. For this purpose yaog features: The following features are planned to be added soon (some are already availible in the CVS-version) Take a look on the screenshot of yaog.


An unix with common development tools. (eg GNU or MacOSX). Mainstream Linux distros ought to work "out of the box".
The followings specific software packages are needed: You also need a pkg-config that knows the locations of gtk & vte.


Get yaog form here. Source only, no binaries.

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